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service réponse appels d'offres mobility consulting


to calls for tenders

stand out from your competitors

"grow your business without any limits"

Whether it is a public contract, a public service delegation, or a subcontracting/charter contract, you will not be able to escape the call for tenders procedure.

To win the coveted market, you will have to perfectly meet the specifications established by the sponsor and offer him an innovative, financially viable offer that will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

in practice

mobility consulting has a team of experts specialized for several years to calls for tenders responses in passenger transport.

We can work on your entire response file or only on certain parts of the project, depending on your specific needs.

Contact us to explain your goals, and we will be delighted to discuss with you!

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a quality partner

Xavier DUFORET mobility consulting réponse appels d'offres

Xavier DUFORET is an expert in road passenger transport well known in the profession. After holding several positions as a Manager in a road passenger transport company, he founded his own office in 2003. The office mainly works on responses to urban and interurban calls for tenders and deals with Franco-German regularization files for coaches traveling to this country.

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