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driver coaching

Absenteeism and accidentology: two evils that are difficult to combat!

Solutions, at mobility consulting, we really respond to all the problems encountered by professionals in passenger transport.

And it is with Sport Vision Performance that we have developed a unique and innovative coaching at the cutting edge of technology. Do not search, we are the only ones to offer it!

visual and cognitive preparation

a unique innovation

Visual and cognitive preparation is an innovative approach to performance research that combines cutting-edge technologies and knowledge of human visual and cognitive abilities. It aims to isolate, train and enhance synergistic eye/brain/body skills to increase responsiveness.


For public transport drivers, the benefits will improve comfort and quality of work.

It has now been shown that a person can optimize their performance by training their eyes to see faster, their brain to process information and make decisions more quickly in order to reduce their reaction time and therefore to react even faster on the field.

These performance gains improve the responsiveness of the person while slowing their perception of movement to be one step ahead in any situation.

how to reduce absenteeism and accidentology?

react faster

Drivers can improve their reaction time by training their reflexes and eye/hand/body coordination. Being able to perceive and analyze faster as well as make a quicker decision allows you to react more quickly in situ


gain anticipation

Fractions of a second make all the difference on the pitch! The training of visual and cognitive qualities contributes to a better analysis of the environment, prediction of movement, and anticipation of trajectory to be one step ahead in any situation


reduce stress

Optimizing your mental skills allows you to maintain your concentration, lucidity, and resistance to fatigue at the highest level. Widening your peripheral awareness and improving your processing of multiple information leads drivers to gain confidence and serenity on the road



our method

Discover our innovative visual and cognitive preparation method in a video!

Contact us for a personalized quote and we will be happy to talk to you!

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formulas adapted to your needs

Sport Vision Performance welcomes you to its center based in Bordeaux-Mérignac, a few hundred meters from the international airport. We also adapt our formulas to travel to your premises around the world.

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mobility consulting and its partner Sport Vision Performance are innovating in the care of people transport professionals.

Sport Vision Performance is the benchmark French company specializing in high-level athletes' visual and cognitive preparation since 2017.

Founders & coaches of Sport Vision Performance, Marion CANARD and Ariane MINOS support you in optimizing visual and cognitive qualities for professionals in passenger transport.

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